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Introducing: The Glass Bar

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Shared by Art • January 26, 2023

A new multi-functional display fixed to the top of your profile that dynamically changes tools as your visitor scrolls.

Available now in the latest update of Coppr Link.

This is one of our favorite feature updates to Coppr Link. The GlassBar is kinda of big deal. It not only is a persistent place for your name (notice as you scroll down the page how it sticks to the top), it also houses the new Dynamic Call Button, interacts with your visitors as they browse your profile.

But wait, there's one more thing.

As your contact continues to scroll down your profile, a second Add to Contacts button appears, this time in a familiar blue-colored pill, typically associated with clickable links online.

  • We'll continue to develop this feature, adding more tools embedded inside the GlassBar, eg. Book, Dates, Products, Music, Pay and more...