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Feature Improvement

Improved: Larger Photos

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Shared by Art • January 26, 2023

Enhanced profile images with larger display, clickability and improved parallax effect for a seamless user experience.

Available now in the latest update of Coppr Link.

We've made some exciting updates to our profile images - they now feature a 35% larger display size and are clickable, allowing you to view the full width of the image. Additionally, we've fine-tuned the already impressive parallaxing effect to make it even more engaging.

Just like the Hero Photo, these changes are designed to enhance your overall experience and make the GUI more intuitive. We believe that design is at the core of every experience, and we strive to make it as seamless and user-friendly as possible.

Feature Improvement

Improved: Interactive Animations

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Shared by Art • January 26, 2023

Introduced small animations throughout the design convey information and mood.

Available now in the latest update of Coppr Link.

We know that motion and animation play a crucial role in design, and that's why we're excited to bring you a new level of engagement with your profile.

As you and your contacts explore, you'll notice small animations that bring your profile to life.

The QR code widget now springs open and softly closes, just like in real life. The Dynamic Phone Button "lands" inside the GlassBar with a touch of realism, even blowing away a little dust for those of you that like hidden easter eggs.

These animations add personality and make your profile stand out, increasing the chances of being remembered by your contacts.

Feature Update

Updated: Clickable Buttons

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Shared by Art • January 26, 2023

Enhanced button ux with clearer wording, cleaner design, improved call-to-actions, and interactive elements.

Introducing newer more modern clickable buttons. We've given our buttons a makeover with clearer wording, cleaner design and improved call-to-action.

Aligned also with our latest dark-mode trend, the main buttons in Coppr Link now have an added layer of interactivity, featuring pulsing soft lights, click and hover animations, making it more intuitive and easy to navigate your profile.

We've also simplified the naming of the buttons.


copprQR ☞ QR

My Links ☞ Links

Platform Update

Introducing: Memberships and new pricing

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Shared by Art • January 26, 2023

Long awaited feature Memberships now enables you to register and start using Copp Link instantly. Not to mention try it free before you purchase it.

We're officially out of Beta!

Before memberships, for someone who was interested in trying Coppr, the only option was to buy a Coppr Card. That's not entirely convenient for everyone for a few reasons:

  • Time for Card to arrive in the mail
  • Higher entry price point ($84)
  • No way of trying before purchase.

Coppr Card and Link were once one product, kinda forcing you to use both.

Now, use just the Card, just the Link, or both together. You chose. With that comes more pricing options.

  • Coppr Card: $43
  • Coppr Link: $4.99/monthly or $44/yearly
  • Coppr Card+Link: $84 for Coppr Card + Coppr Link free for 12-months

When we launched in Beta 3 years ago we never intended to keep the introductory price at $68 for as long as we did. This update now enables more people to use Coppr as well as enables us to keep growing the platform.

I want to help as many people as possible better brand themselves. If you can't afford it for whatever reason, reach out to me personally.
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