Updates and improvements to Dashworks

Richer Dash AI feedback

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Shared by Prasad • September 07, 2023

Another week and another turbo-charged product update! We're excited to announce that Dash AI now supports three new apps.

  • Asana: Searches tasks and files
  • Outlook: Searches emails
  • Quip: Searches docs and threads

Additionally, we added a richer feedback widget that gives you the ability to correct Dash AI’s response.

With these updates, we are laying the foundation for a more robust feedback mechanism and deeper connections to your tasks and workflows.

How to DM with your personal AI assistant in Slack

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Shared by Riddhi • September 07, 2023

New! 🎉

  • Dropbox: You can now use Dash AI to find answers from files and folders in Dropbox.
  • JIRA: With Dash AI’s new JIRA integration, you can find POCs for tickets, get context on past projects, and receive status updates on issues.
  • “New Topic” feature: Starting a new topic helps Dash AI “forget” previous conversations, which improves the accuracy of subsequent unrelated questions.

Improved ⚒️

  • Slackbot: You can now directly message the Dash AI Slackbot, leave feedback on responses, and trigger the Slackbot on behalf of another user. Check out this quick how-to video for more.

Chat with the web using Dashworks

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Shared by Riddhi • September 07, 2023

We’ve got some big developments to report this week!.

New! 🎉

  • Web search: You can now use Dash AI to get natural language answers from the web. Our web integration searches Bing for results and then uses GPT-4 to convert it to natural language. This means that it has access to up-to-the-minute information. It’s also more secure than ChatGPT or Bard because none of your data is shared with third-party LLMs for training purposes.
  • App filters: With this feature, you can limit the apps that Dash AI is searching through for answers. This means more accurate and faster results. Check out the video below to see how both features work.
  • Linear integration: Dash AI now has access to issues, projects, comments, and project documents when connected to Linear. This will enable you to find POCs and get updates and historical context on issues and projects.
  • Admin analytics: We’ve also launched a V1 of admin analytics for Dash AI. Admins can visit Settings -> Workspace -> Analytics to see aggregated results of frequently-asked questions and most popular failed queries.

Improvements ⚒️

  • Navigation queries: Dash AI has gotten better at being able to locate individual documents, messages and issues that you already know exist but have trouble accessing easily. Try searching for your most recent weekly meeting doc or a specific Slack message to see it in action.

Hubspot Integration and Reference Previews

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Shared by Riddhi • September 07, 2023

Excited to share the latest developments at Dashworks!

New 🎉

  • HubSpot Integration: We've added a personal integration with HubSpot, allowing Dash AI to search across various objects including contacts, companies, deals, calls, products, emails, meetings, and notes. Our team has been using it to prep for customer meetings, write follow-up emails, and summarize the status of a deal. Click here to connect Hubspot to your Dash AI instance.
  • Reference Previews: Now, when you hover over a reference, you'll see relevant metadata such as the author and modified time. In the next iteration, you'll also see snippets from inside the reference content that are relevant to the question and answer. This will help you quickly verify the accuracy of a response.
  • Fallback Responses: If Dash AI can't find the answer to your question, it will now provide actionable suggestions. These may include recommendations for apps to connect or suggestions on how to add or rephrase information in your question for better understanding.
  • Improvements: We’ve improved prioritization of Verified Answers, increased Dash AI’s ability to understand user intent, and made app filters easier to use.

Coming soon ⏳

  • MS SharePoint Integration: With Dash AI's SharePoint integration, companies will not have instant access to all of the data stored within their intranet. The integration will search sites, files, folders, and docs. Contact us if you'd like beta access.
  • Prompt Templates: We're building a prompt and workflow library with customizable templates to share with your team. This will make Dash AI instantly accessible to new users.

Verified answers and MS Teams integration

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Shared by Riddhi • July 28, 2023

We're excited to share a few significant updates to Dash AI.

New! 🎉

Verified Answers: You can now create “source-of-truth” documents right in Dashworks. Each time you add a new verified answer to Dashworks, it becomes the highest priority information source for all questions related to that topic, guaranteeing a correct response every time. Check out the video below for details on how to use verified answers.

MS Teams Integration: With the Microsoft Teams integration, Dash AI can now search through your DMs and shared channels for information and context. As a reminder, Dash AI is permissions aware, which means that it will only be able to search through channels that a user is already able to access.

Improvements 🛠️

  1. Code Generation: Dash AI now generates code with syntax highlighting based on the language.
  2. References: You can now see all the references used by Dash AI to produce an answer. (It previously only showed the first five references.)
  3. Personalized App Recommendations in: Dash AI now personalizes app recommendations when a user first signs in. You can also see your team’s most-used apps here.