AI only mode

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Shared by Prasad • December 14, 2023

🔮 AI only mode

Dash AI now offers a fast response feature for open-ended or brainstorming-style questions with an "AI only" mode. In this mode, Dash AI uses an LLM to respond without searching your connected apps or the web. This feature is useful for creative tasks such as improving copy, brainstorming ideas, or debugging SQL queries.

You can access it as a third option in the homepage input dropdown and the filters on Dash AI page, alongside Apps search and Web search. This lets you consolidate your AI usage for work in one place and bring it your new tab with the browser extension. You can also save and share your favorite prompts for AI only mode as Workflows.

🔁 Improvements

  • You can now set any email address as the Service Account for the Slackbot, not just “”. Learn more here.
  • We’ve released a new Query Guide on different types of questions you can ask Dash AI and how to best phrase them.
  • The Slackbot auto-reply is now less noisy. It no longer responds to messages in the channel that aren't questions or issues, questions directed to another team member in the channel, or questions for which it doesn't know the response confidently.
  • We’ve improved stability of several integrations, notably Notion. Please visit the App Store to review and reconnect any broken connections. Integration stability is paramount for us and we’re taking additional measures to improve this in the coming weeks.