Directory Integration

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Shared by Prasad • December 28, 2023

👥 Directory Integration

Dash AI can now answer questions about co-workers and organizational structure from your team directory. Our directory integration initially supports Workday, Gusto, Rippling, Paylocity, BambooHR, and DarwinBox.

These integrations can be setup by Admins and are available as “Organizational” connections. The integration syncs the name, email, title, department, location, and manager's name of active employees, and searches are limited to these fields. You can learn more about how to connect your HRIS here.

❓Stack Overflow for Teams

Dashworks now connects with StackOverflow for Teams. Use it to search questions and articles in your space, and quickly find answers to technical questions, code snippets, best practices, and solutions to common issues.

Stack Overflow for Teams is available as an Organizational and Individual connection in the App Store.