January 2024

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Shared by Prasad • January 31, 2024

🧱 Multiple connections for apps

You can now link multiple accounts for the same app from the App Store. This gives Dashworks the ability to search all your accounts at once. Here are some example use cases where connecting multiple accounts can be used:

🔁 Org Instructions

You can now customize Dash AI's behavior and responses using natural language instructions across all platforms - the web app, Slack DMs, and Slack channels. For instance, you can instruct Dash AI to prioritize answers from certain data sources, disregard specific types of files, or suggest contacting a person or team when it can't find an answer. For more examples and tips on adding instructions, click here. Admins can add Org Instructions from the AI Controls tab.

Bot instructions are now also generally available, allowing you to customize instructions in each Slack channel where the Slackbot is added. You can add channel-specific instructions for Dash AI from the Bots tab in the channels where you've added the Slackbot.

🧑‍💻 Bitbucket integration

Dashworks now connects with Bitbucket to streamline code searches. Use it to understand your codebase, get answers to your technical questions, resolve bugs and on-call issues, and more. Bitbucket is available as a personal integration from the App Store.