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Shared by Tyler • October 14, 2022

Hi there,

I added two updates that significantly enhance Activity posting:

  1. You can hide old or unused Activities
  2. You can control who can see Activities that have been posted

Hiding Activities

You can now hide custom Activities you no longer wish to use. Doing so will not hide or delete Activities of that type that have been posted to Timelines in the past. Sweet!

To do so, head over to the Activities tab of the My Company section. Find the Activity you want to hide and flip the switch.

Need to unhide it? No problem. Just scroll up to the top of the page and click the "Show Hidden" button. From there you can flip the switch to un-hide it.

Activity Visibility

Admin users will always be able to see all Activities. But, now you can make certain types of Activities visible only to certain users.

This change updated the settings UI a little, so just be aware that the Instructor or Account Holder must be able to view an Activity if they are going to be allowed to post it.

Why would you want to hide an Activity from an Instructor? Perhaps you want to allow private feedback that only Admins can see. Or, perhaps you don't want to clutter the Instructor's view of the Timeline with things that are only relevant to administrative matters.

Why would you want to hide an Activity from an Account Holder? Maybe you want to keep private, internal notes on an Enrollee. Or, maybe you need a record of something for regulatory reasons, but don't want to clutter the Account Holder's view.

With these new setting on Activities, you may want to consider updating your Notification Center preferences.