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Salary Bands

Introducing Figures Salary Bands, your ultimate compensation framework

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Shared by Claire • June 29, 2023

A simple & efficient solution to build, update and share your Salary Bands on Figures

We just launched our new Salary Bands tool to enable you to define clear and concise salary ranges across your entire organisation to promote pay fairness, help attract and retain talent.

  • Creating Salary Bands: Generate the initial set of Salary Bands in a matter of minutes vs hours or days in Excel.
  • Updating Salary Bands: Automated bands maintenance and updates with Market Data AND employees data with direct real-time HRIS integration.
  • Sharing Salary Bands: Secure and easy sharing of parts of bands to internal stakeholders (Team managers and recruiters, Finance...).

Salary Bands come has an additional paying option to your current Figures subscription.