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Shared by Claire • September 07, 2023

Our mission at Figures has always been to use technology and data can make compensation easier, fairer and more efficient. We completed your existing product with this new FiguresAI feature to enrich and augment market data, bringing you x3 data worldwide.

Get more data and benchmark with confidence

When reliable market data is scarce, because of a quick market evolution or new emerging markets, Figures AI steps in using machine learning. By leveraging our extensive salary dataset from top +1,200 European companies (90k data points), Figures AI predicts pay ranges (from 10th to 90th percentile) based on correlations between roles, locations, levels, company size & more. With Figures AI, you can confidently make informed compensation decisions, even in data-deficient scenarios, and attract & retain top talent with precision.

Stronger and more accurate European coverage with more countries and city-based locations

AI-estimated data is reinforcing our data coverage in: Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Other & Remote), Austria (Vienna, Other or Remote), Italy (Milan, Other or Remote), Belgium (Brussels, Other or Remote), but also Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark (especially Copenhagen), Hungary, Sweden, USA.

More extensive seniority levels coverage

Some more niche seniority levels such as Staff (IC track), VP and Principal (Manager track) will get more results thanks to FiguresAI.

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