The latest features and product improvements in Fillout

Calculations, language support, easy reordering & more

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Shared by Dominic • August 10, 2023

This update was made on April 11, 2023.

I've been anxiously awaiting this Fillout feature for 4+ months! Excited to share it with you today, along with 7 other updates to level-up your forms.

Here's what's new 👇

🧮 Calculations and variables

Long overdue! You can now define calculations and variables in your forms. Useful for computing prices, dynamic text and much more.

Learn more about calculations here.

👀 Reorder with drag and drop

Easily reorder pages and options for multiple choice, dropdown, checkboxes & picture choice questions with drag and drop.

🌏 Change your form's language

Fillout now supports internationalization to dozens of languages. If your language is missing, let us know and we'll add it ASAP! Check this feature here.

🔗 Customize your form's share preview (Premium)

Head to the "Share" tab to change the image and text that appear when you share your form on social media sites.

🐛 Fixes and improvements

  • Added option to "center" a form in theme settings.
  • Added the option to show hidden fields on review pages.
  • Added ability to invite existing Fillout users to your account and migrate forms.
  • Added horizontal layout for multiple choice.