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New in Fillout ✨ The Conversion Kit

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Shared by Dominic • December 18, 2023

I'm particularly excited to share today's Fillout update for two reasons:

  1. These features are brand new to the world of form builders.
  2. Our team's been working on this for several months. We've been beta-testing on our own forms and have seen really good results.

Introducing the Fillout Conversion Kit.

What is it?

In short, the Conversion Kit helps optimize your forms and reduce drop-offs. It's particularly well suited for lead generation.

Because Fillout covers the costs for external services like Clearbit and Google Maps, the Conversion Kit is an optional paid add-on to Fillout.

Ok... but what does it do?

📆 Enrich and route leads

Enable enrichment to automatically gather industry, company size, revenue, role and more for each respondent.

Based on this data, you can intelligently qualify, score and route leads within the form itself.

🛟 Recover lost leads

Inevitably, some people will start your forms and leave halfway through. Now, you can:

Notify your team whenever a prospect drops off.

Send a custom abandoned form email encouraging people to resume their submission.

Form abandonment workflow

📩 Better data with smart email validation

Enforce valid addresses or company-only emails to improve data quality.

🔎 Boost conversion with autocomplete

Autofill addresses, company size, industry, role and more to reduce friction.

Use dynamic form shortening to automatically hide known fields. Fewer questions = more conversions.

Example scheduling workflow with smart routing

💼 Optimize ad campaigns (Coming soon)

Send conversion events to LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Google Ads to optimize your campaigns.