New at Firmhouse

New Developer Docs

Shared by Michiel • January 16, 2024

We have launched a new version of our developer website at In terms of functionality, the new website features an updated navigation hierarchy and better search. In addition we’ve created a place for publishing tutorial-style guides.

Extra Fields with a Purpose

Shared by Michiel • January 16, 2024

Sometimes you store important information in an Extra Field that you want to push to other systems or that has a specific meaning in a 3rd party integration.

To make external systems aware of the purpose of a value stored in an extra field, we’ve added an extra attribute called Purpose. With the Purpose of an Extra Field you can let external integrations know how they should use the value in the field.

For now, the Purpose field is only vailable when you have the Intrum integration enabled. This way you can push an imported phone number to Intrum case files.

API updates for managing assets

Shared by Michiel • January 16, 2024

You can now create, update, assign and un assign assets via the Firmhouse API. This allows you to create your own dashboards or integrate your own storefront or ERP systems with the assets you have on Firmhouse.

How merchants are using these new APIs:

  • Reserve a specific asset on or right after Checkout automatically based on a trigger from a webhook.
  • Set a custom field with a purchase price on an Asset based on its refurbished quality so you can sell an asset for its unique discounted price.
  • From a custom inventory reservation system update an Asset’s status, condition, and next available date.
  • Integrate your warehouse system to automatically unassign an asset as active from a Subscription when it’s been returned in healthy condition to your stock.

Head over to our new Developer Docs to view these new and updated GraphQL mutation calls:

  • assignAsset
  • unassignAsset
  • createAsset
  • updateAsset

Identity document verification via Veriff

Shared by Michiel • January 16, 2024

We’ve added Veriff as an integration for providing identity document verification when signing up to your products. This way you can let your customers verify their identity before activating their subscription and before sending out your (high value) products.

At the time of writing, Veriff supports fully automatic AI-powered as well as human-assisted services for various types of identity documents (eg: passport, driver’s license, identification cards). They also offer additional KYC checks such as PEP and sanctions screening.

Your customers will be able to use their desktop/laptop and mobile phone to easily take a picture of their identity document to submit them for verification after checking out your subscription.

In Firmhouse, the Veriff app ties into our already supported identity verification and acceptance check flows. After signing up for Veriff, you can add the appropriate API connection credentials to your Firmhouse project and add an acceptance check for the Checkout.

Better handling of one time products in order-based projects

Shared by Michiel • November 17, 2023

One time products will now be handled much better in smart order-based projects.

From now on any product that is set to a ship once frequency will be marked as owned as soon as the order for it is generated. Previously we kept these products shown as active in Firmhouse Portal and Firmhouse Self Service Center which is could lead to confusion for your customer.

In addition, this fixes an issue that Shopify sometimes returned the wrong shipping costs for a recurring order, because it was still treating previous ship once products as active.

Save payment method on paying via invoice link

Shared by Michiel • November 17, 2023

Customers can now save their payment method for future use when paying for an invoice manually via invoice payment links.

We're rolling this out first to projects that have Mollie or Stripe as payment provider. Adyen support will be added at a later stage.

With the new checkbox shown on every invoice payment link your customers can choose if they want to use the new payment method for future payments or not.

Expiring API access tokens

Shared by Michiel • November 17, 2023

When creating an API access token, you can now set it up to expire within a number of chosen days. Our API will throw an error message on an expired token.

Expiring API tokens allow you to enforce key rotation policies. Or a safer way to allow individual developers to use tokens for one off maintenance tasks or troubleshooting sessions.

Early support for full one-time Checkouts. Join the private beta

Shared by Michiel • November 17, 2023

We’re gradually rolling out support for one time checkouts via Firmhouse Checkout. We invite all our merchants who are interested to get in touch and join our private beta.

Adding one time checkouts allows Firmhouse to support more traditional e-commerce in combination with all the new and innovative models we support such as subscriptions, rental, and try & buy. Adding better support for one time checkouts is a key point for making sure you as merchant can offer a consistent and holistic experience to all your customers. Whichever way you choose to sell.

With one time purchases enabled:

  • Checkouts with only “one off” products in the cart will be marked as “one time purchase” instead of being a subscription. Full subscription carts or hybrid cards will still be treated as subscriptions.
  • Analytics and insights will ignore one time purchases from subscription metrics, making it easier to distinguish between your one time revenue and your recurring revenue.
  • The Self Service Center will be updated to make a clearer distinction between one time orders and subscriptions.

Changelog 7 July 2023 - Audit Logs for Enterprise and small improvements

Shared by Michiel • July 07, 2023

We're ramping up to release some nice smaller updates over the course of the next few weeks. For this week, we would like to introduce Audit Logs for Enterprise Tenants and a few minor other improvements.

🔏 Audit logs for Enterprise tenants

We now support audit logs for tracking security-related events such as user logins/logouts, data access, API token generation, and batch exporting of data.

Audit logs are securely stored in WorkOS and can be browsed and searched via the Firmhouse portal or exported to CSV. There is also an option to set up log streaming to any of the supported SIEM systems, like Amazon S3, DataDog, and Splunk.

Tenant team members that have the appropriate access rights to Audit Logs can access audit logs from the account menu after being logged in to their Enterprise tenant.

Other improvements and fixes

  • We now show the date of birth in iDin identification details.
  • Added option to skip cancellation email when cancelling via API.
  • Fixed validation message on creating a subscription via API when a required extra field is missing.

June 30, 2023 - EU B2B 0% reverse taxes, prevent chargeback fees, native date of birth on Checkout

Shared by Michiel • June 30, 2023

EU B2B 0% reverse taxes

You can now set up a Tax Rate for your plans and products in services when you sell to businesses cross-Europe. That way you can charge the local VAT when shipping to customers in your own country. Customers from all other countries will get a 0% reverse tax on invoices.

Prevent charging non-paying customers

You can now choose to skip charging customers that are already marked as non-paying. With this setting enabled we will still invoice customers for your services. However, when they are marked as non-paying we will not attempt to charge the customer via your configured payment service provider.

This way you can prevent incurring expensive PSP chargeback fees. Especially with customers using SEPA as their payment method.

Native date of birth field on Checkout

You can now enable a Date of Birth field as a native Checkout field. The field is hidden by default and you can enable it in your project’s Checkout preferences. The advantage of using this new native field over using an Extra Field is that we can also send this field to any acceptance check or risk score rating services automatically.

Other improvements & bugfixes

  • Improved export and report generation times.
  • Store payment method summary from PSP.
  • Fix that finance team members couldn't refund payments.
  • Expose "supplier" on Product type in API.
  • Send new native Date of Birth field to Focum acceptance checks.
  • Cache of Customers overview not always cleared when cancelling subscriptions.
  • Fix not attempting to fetch price from Shopify when product is not linked to Shopify.