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New! Specific Unit Allocation: Enhance Your Booking Conversion Process

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Shared by Joyce • November 24, 2023

Hi there,

Introducing our latest update to the PMS platform: Specific Unit Allocation. We've made enhancements based on your valuable feedback. This feature is set to streamline the process of converting offers into bookings by allowing the selection of specific units.

Here's what the Specific Unit Allocation brings to the table:

  • Precisely select a unit or room during the offer process, minimising previous manual tasks.
  • Tailored to suit the multifamily and student accommodations' common scenarios for a more efficient process.
  • Offers with a designated unit will now automatically consider that unit during the booking conversion.

Steps to Utilise Specific Unit Allocation:

  1. Set your check-in and check-out dates and head to the Accommodation Section.
  2. Decide on your Rate Interval.
  3. Opt for Add Accommodation, select the unit type, and then use the (+) icon.
  4. A drop-down allows you to select a specific unit or retain the default “Automatically assign” choice.
  5. Your chosen unit/s will then be reflected in your accommodation selection.

Important Reminders:

  • Chosen units won't appear in the offer email.
  • The selected unit will be part of the contract if you include the DocuSign data label (rooms[1].apartment_number).
  • Unit selection offers both available and non-available options. Ensure to verify availability via the multi-calendar.

Our commitment remains to improve and simplify your management processes. We trust this feature will be a beneficial addition to your toolkit.

All the best,

Team Lavanda

New feature

Restrict Application Data to Certain User Types

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Shared by Joyce • November 24, 2023

Hi there,

What's New?

We're excited to announce a significant update to Lavanda PMS: the ability to set and manage user access roles within the system. This update introduces refined access control, allowing specific data restrictions based on user roles, namely Admin, Guest Experience, and Guest Experience Managers.

Key Features:

  • Role-Based Access Control: Admins can now assign or remove roles to team members, ensuring that access to sensitive data is appropriately managed.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Restricting access to the Application tab on the leads page for selected roles, safeguarding sensitive information like passports, payslips, and bank statements.
  • Simplified User Management: Admins can easily add or remove roles through the 'Settings' in the main menu, ensuring a seamless user management experience.

How It Works:

To Add a Role:

  • Go to 'Settings' in the main menu.
  • Navigate to the 'Users' tab, select a user.
  • Under 'Roles', add a new role and save changes.

To Remove a Role:

  • Follow the same steps as above, but click the trash icon next to the role to remove it, then save changes.

Why This Change?

This update addresses the critical need for enhanced security within our PMS. Previously, all users had equal access to sensitive data, posing potential security risks. With this change, we're empowering Admins with more control, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access to crucial guest data and complying with data protection standards.


This change ensures a more secure and compliant environment, enhancing trust in our platform while providing a tailored experience for different user roles.

Getting Started:

Admins can begin setting user roles immediately following this update. For detailed instructions, refer to the 'Settings' section within the Help Section of the Lavanda PMS.

Product update

Better rate plan support for listings

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Shared by Joyce • November 02, 2023

Hi there,

We are delighted to announce we have just released support for rate plans on listings. You can now configure standard, non-refundable, weekly and monthly rate plans from each listing view in the PMS.

Why have we added this feature?

Rate plans are powerful tools to drive better conversion rates and lower cancellation rates on OTAs like, while packaging different policies and booking conditions. Non-refundable rates can be offered at a discount for example which can help reduce losses through cancellation. Weekly and monthly rates can drive better conversion for longer stays.

How do I configure rate plans?

Within each unit type, navigate to integrations and create or select a listing. You will see four rate plan options with only the Standard rate plan enabled. Configure and enable any further rate plans that suit your distribution strategy. The plans and cancellation policies will automatically be created on and become bookable when the right conditions are met.

Watch this space

This is just the first phase of this powerful feature set which in due course will also allow for rate plans on direct booking channels and on Airbnb. We will also be adding further support for more complex restrictions on supported channels.

New feature

Exciting Updates to Our Invoice Viewer Experience

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Shared by Nicole • October 02, 2023

We're thrilled to announce that the enhancements to our Invoice Viewer experience are now live in your PMS, bringing you a more efficient and user-friendly way to manage your payments. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new in case you missed it.

Exciting Updates to Our Invoice Viewer Experience:

  • Ultra-Fast Load Time: Say goodbye to those tiresome renderings with each load. Your invoices now appear almost instantly.
  • Enhanced Error Detection: Easy to spot GL codes and data discrepancies, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.
  • Real-time Updates: Any changes or amendments to bookings? Our viewer reflects them instantaneously.
  • Streamlined Flow: Everything you need, all on one page. Say goodbye to excessive clicks and navigation, enhancing your overall interaction.
  • Transparent Allocations: A quick glance lets you discern how items are allocated per document.
  • Multilingual Invoice Downloads: Catering to our global audience, you can now download invoices in multiple languages.
  • User-Friendly: We've shifted away from restrictive PDF renderings, boosting accessibility and offering a superior mobile experience.
  • Optimised for Mobile: Engage with a design that's as mobile-friendly as it is on desktops.
  • Intuitive Layout: With an interactive layout, you'll always know where to find what, mirroring a traditional invoice layout.
  • Instant Feedback: Our instant notification feature ensures that users are always in the loop, providing real-time feedback.

Future Opportunities with Our Enhanced Invoice Viewer:

  • Efficient Payment Workflows: Expect smoother workflows for manual payment allocations, streamlining financial processes.
  • Transparent Tracking: We're introducing a dedicated tab for audit trails and change history, ensuring accountability and traceability.
  • Tax & Accounting Clarity: A designated area will display the status of tax submissions and accounting, providing control and ensuring compliance.
  • Integrated Actions: We're expanding functionalities with action buttons, like directly emailing invoices or receipts, simplifying user operations.

We are committed to providing you with a more efficient, transparent, and simplified payment management experience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at or directly via the intercom chatbot.

All the best,

Team Lavanda

New feature

Enhanced Payment Management for Reservations

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Shared by Nicole • September 29, 2023

We are pleased to bring to your attention an important update that significantly enhances the payment management process for bookings made via in your workspace. This modification ensures a streamlined and accurate tracking of payments, making the process easier to manage, both for you and your guests.

When a booking is made through, it will be initialised with a payment status marked as 'SUCCESS' based on the initial payment made by the guest at the time of booking. This feature enables a seamless update of payment statuses in real-time, reflecting any amendments made to the booking (such as date or rate adjustments) to include any additional payments made.

Here is what you need to know about this update:

  • Payment Initialisation at Booking: The booking will commence with a payment in ‘SUCCESS’ status, reflecting the amount paid by the guest during the booking process.
  • Dynamic Payment Updates: Any changes made on will automatically update the corresponding payment details, keeping the payment status 'SUCCESS' until checkout.
  • Checkout & Payment Settlement: Upon the guest's checkout, a payment receipt will be generated, aligning with the building owner's payout timeline.
  • Cancellation & Payment Adjustments: In cases where a booking is cancelled and a cancellation fee is applied, the payment status will adjust accordingly. If no cancellation fee is charged, no payment record or invoice will be generated.
  • Accounting Integration & Reconciliation: If your workspace is integrated with your accounting system, using an integration or our standard export which includes payments, the issued payment receipts will now be included along with other payment receipts and invoices for easier accounting and reconciliation.

Additional information:

  • Note: It's important to be aware that, due to this change, the alignment of VAT reporting in some tax regimes, might necessitate additional attention, since it technically corresponds with the guest's payment timings, even though the building owner receives the payment post-checkout. We are here to assist with adapting to this grey area and ensuring smooth VAT reporting.
  • Looking Ahead: As part of our continuous improvement for bookings, we plan to introduce automatic issuance of invoices and auto-allocation of payments aligned with payment receipt generation at checkout, further facilitating payment management and reconciliation.
  • Migration Note: To ensure consistency, a migration script will be executed to reprocess payments where the checkout date is on or after January 1, 2023. Workspaces with the invoicing feature enabled will receive backdated payment receipts for reporting purposes. The backdated payment receipts will not however be included in accounting interface data although will include the GL codes.

We hope this update will provide a more efficient, transparent, and simplified payment management experience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at or directly via the intercom chatbot.

All the best,

Team Lavanda