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Product update

Better rate plan support for listings

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Shared by Joyce • November 02, 2023

Hi there,

We are delighted to announce we have just released support for rate plans on listings. You can now configure standard, non-refundable, weekly and monthly rate plans from each listing view in the PMS.

Why have we added this feature?

Rate plans are powerful tools to drive better conversion rates and lower cancellation rates on OTAs like, while packaging different policies and booking conditions. Non-refundable rates can be offered at a discount for example which can help reduce losses through cancellation. Weekly and monthly rates can drive better conversion for longer stays.

How do I configure rate plans?

Within each unit type, navigate to integrations and create or select a listing. You will see four rate plan options with only the Standard rate plan enabled. Configure and enable any further rate plans that suit your distribution strategy. The plans and cancellation policies will automatically be created on and become bookable when the right conditions are met.

Watch this space

This is just the first phase of this powerful feature set which in due course will also allow for rate plans on direct booking channels and on Airbnb. We will also be adding further support for more complex restrictions on supported channels.