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Restrict Application Data to Certain User Types

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Shared by Joyce • November 24, 2023

Hi there,

What's New?

We're excited to announce a significant update to Lavanda PMS: the ability to set and manage user access roles within the system. This update introduces refined access control, allowing specific data restrictions based on user roles, namely Admin, Guest Experience, and Guest Experience Managers.

Key Features:

  • Role-Based Access Control: Admins can now assign or remove roles to team members, ensuring that access to sensitive data is appropriately managed.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Restricting access to the Application tab on the leads page for selected roles, safeguarding sensitive information like passports, payslips, and bank statements.
  • Simplified User Management: Admins can easily add or remove roles through the 'Settings' in the main menu, ensuring a seamless user management experience.

How It Works:

To Add a Role:

  • Go to 'Settings' in the main menu.
  • Navigate to the 'Users' tab, select a user.
  • Under 'Roles', add a new role and save changes.

To Remove a Role:

  • Follow the same steps as above, but click the trash icon next to the role to remove it, then save changes.

Why This Change?

This update addresses the critical need for enhanced security within our PMS. Previously, all users had equal access to sensitive data, posing potential security risks. With this change, we're empowering Admins with more control, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access to crucial guest data and complying with data protection standards.


This change ensures a more secure and compliant environment, enhancing trust in our platform while providing a tailored experience for different user roles.

Getting Started:

Admins can begin setting user roles immediately following this update. For detailed instructions, refer to the 'Settings' section within the Help Section of the Lavanda PMS.