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5 Features to Improve the Admin Experience | Mio January Update

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Shared by Kaian • January 31, 2023

From Connect Center updates to new automations, we’re proud to start our year with improved usage reports and notification systems.

Activity Dashboard

Our Mio Hub has an exciting addition. The new Activity Dashboard is a valuable resource of user metrics to organize and optimize your organization’s chat activity.

User metrics in the Activity Dashboard are broken down into two sections: deployment and usage.


The deployment section includes data on the number of synced users and active users. You can also see a list of pending users—members of your organization who have not accepted the Mio prompt to sync their secondary accounts. A useful guide on boosting user activity provides you with best practices for your organization.


The usage section shows data on the total amount of messages sent over a period of time. In addition to the total number of messages sent, you can see your organization’s channel, direct message, and group chat message counts as well as number of files shared.

For further granularity, message and file counts are broken down per platform. Data on most used channels and most active users is also available.

Toggle Tax

Have you ever heard of toggle tax? A study by the Harvard Business Review found that the average worker spends 5 weeks per year simply toggling between applications.

Toggle tax is calculated as savings made by reducing time switching between apps—an objective that Mio directly helps to achieve.

View quantitative data on time and money saved by chat interoperability in the toggle tax section of our Activity Dashboard.

Advancements in nativeness

A native chat experience, or what we call nativeness, is one where an app is used exactly the way that it was meant to be used.

We calculate each platform's nativeness scores by taking the available APIs on each platform and comparing them to the number of APIs that we actually leverage per platform.

At the end of 2022, our nativeness score improved from 67% to 82% on Webex and 66% to 76% on Microsoft Teams.

Nativeness for Zoom Team Chat users increases this month with the addition of two exciting new features:

  • Native threaded replies in direct messages and group chats
  • Reaction deletion

And that’s not all—Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Slack users will now be able to send native threaded replies.

Auto Heal: Token expiry notification

Mio uses encrypted tokens to send messages from one platform to another.

Occasionally, external changes in a customer’s environment cause tokens to expire.

To prepare for these situations, we’ve been hard at work on a solution for uninterrupted chat capabilities.

Introducing Auto Heal, a new automation to bridge your organization through token refresh periods.

This feature first detects the external conditions that necessitate token refresh.

Depending on the situation, Mio will automatically send a notification to either admins or end users requesting re-authorization.

Reactive prompting for unsynced users

We recently streamlined our prompting approach in response to feedback on Mio’s bot messaging logic. Now, prompting by the Mio Bot is broken down into two categories: proactive and reactive.

Proactive prompting

Proactive prompts are manually sent by admins from the Mio Hub in order to initiate specific actions from an end user. For example, after clicking the “Sync” icon in User Sync, end users will receive a prompt from the Mio bot requesting account authorization.

Reactive prompting

Reactive prompts are automatically sent to initiate an action from end users whose accounts meet certain criteria. In this case, an unsynced user who attempts to send a cross-platform dm will receive a message from the Mio bot prompting them to sync their accounts.

The prompts will look like this:


Zoom Team Chat


Microsoft Teams

We are confident that this new automation will increase adoption and simplify the deployment process.

And coming soon...

Reduced scopes for Microsoft Teams

Mio only ever asks for the bare minimum scopes required, and updates to application scopes have made it so that we can request even fewer than before.

This change will have no impact on Mio’s existing functionality. Messages will still work as expected in direct messages, channels, and group chats.

Expect to see this update implemented within the next month.

Thank you for joining us for our January product update. We look forward to sharing our February news with you soon.