Feature update

Big News! SmartCue Showcase Now Optimized for Mobile

Shared by Robin • May 18, 2023

Hey there,

Mobile optimized showcases/demos are here! 🙌.

We are thrilled to announce that SmartCue Showcases now render beautifully across all mobile devices, in addition to desktop. You can now access your showcases on the go, directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Showcases look stunning on smaller screens and the experience is highly optimized for touch, with large tap targets and minimal typing needed. All of your showcase content appear crisp and clear on high-resolution mobile displays.

The SmartCue Showcase experience you know and love is now available whenever and wherever you are, right at your fingertips. Share your knowledge with more people than ever before through the masterful and engaging showcases you create and curate.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and are as passionate about the beautiful possibilities of mobile showcases as we are. Let us know if you have any feedback or ideas for future mobile optimizations. The future of showcases is here to stay, and it fits in your pocket!

Product update
Feature update

Cinco De Mayo Feature Updates!

Shared by Robin • May 05, 2023

Hey there,

We've been hard at work improving the product and we hope you've noticed!

  • For starters, the font family is updated to improve your experience! Check it out :)
  • You can directly edit ✍️, preview 👁️ , share and view insights 📊 directly from your dashboard!
  • The tiles on the left are much more usable and bigger
  • Create personas once and re-use them for every demo (or use a custom one for each demo!)
  • Personas, Footer and Theme settings are much more intuitive so you know exactly how things are going to look when you hit Publish
  • Re-position the hotspot! No matter where you clicked, you can now simply drag-and-drop the hotspot to the appropriate place
  • Re-position the cue! You can now move the tile to the left or right of the hotspot so your viewers can see what you want them to see and the cue is not obstructive
  • Is there an image or GIF that you wanted to add to your Showcase without having to redo the whole demo again? Now, you can! Simply click on the (+) icon under the tile and upload an image or a gif in the appropriate place. Then add the hotspot and the cue wherever you'd like :)

Hope you enjoy all the new features! Let us know if we can help in any way!

Product update

Release Note 9.3: 22nd December 2022

Shared by Karttikeya • January 09, 2023

What's New?

  1. [MAJOR] Addressed Security Issues on AWS - We have fixed and upgraded our cloud security through Kloudle.
  2. [MINOR] Optimised image size for faster load time - We have optimised image previews across edit and run demo screen for faster loading.
  3. [MAJOR] Made 'Step not recorded' less dangerous - We've improved the run demo experience by not showing 'Step not recorded' as a step but rather a system update, like a toast.
  4. [MAJOR] Removal of 'Add organisation' step during onboarding - We have removed this step from FTUX as we identified it was adding less value to user's experience.
  5. [MINOR] Additional info added on step tab of run demo - Addition of completed no. of step and search on step tab during run demo has been implemented.


  1. There was a breakage in user experience for invitee when joining SmartCue through invite. We have fixed this.
  2. There was group related restriction and visibility issue where the invited users were either able to see demos that they made. Editor and viewer profile both faced this issue. This is fixed and additionally we have improved the experience of viewing demos across multiple groups.
  3. All the issues showing up on Zipy are fixed now.
  4. Chat tab was taking time to load. We have fixed and improved the loading time.
  5. We have fixed an issue where users who were removed from an org couldn't be invited again.
  6. We have fixed some issues that were popping up on our client side, especially websites using floats.
  7. Implemented fixes around issues coming with FTUX screens.
  8. We have also fixed issues of instrumentation reading across mixpanel & intercom