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Right-click on the lists, new users notifications based on time limits & more!

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Shared by Anna β€’ June 09, 2023

The product team has been bustling lately, optimizing TRAFFIT! Let's check, what are the new options available for TRAFFIT users πŸš€

When working on the lists, you can left-click to open the candidate profile or a job in a new tab inside the system. Since now you can also use right-click - this way, it will also open in a new tab, but you will stay in the view of the list. It's really helpful when working on lists and opening multiple tabs one after another!

Cool, huh? 😎

The next improvement relates to in-app notifications sent when the candidate is moved to the next stage and stays on it too long. Previously, this notification was sent 24 hours after the stage transition if no other change was made. Now you can set up the notification if the candidate:

  • exceeds the stage limit you've set up in the workflow settings, or
  • the last stage transition took place two days ago, and no further transition was made (if the time limit is not set)

Sharing the candidate's profile with the Hiring Managers was also optimized. The new setting allows one to choose the shared candidate profile validity. There are two options:

  • 30 days - the link will expire after 30 days,
  • Until the candidate is moved to another stage or 30 days - the link will expire after 30 days unless the candidate is transferred to the next stage. In such case, it will expire sooner (when the transition is made)

What else?

Those, who use the CRM module, can now use a Client status with a dedicated dictionary with the following values:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Prospect

(this list can be supplemented with additional values in the dictionaries). Why is that important? With lots of data in the system, we will exclude the clients with Inactive status in all the select fields, where you can see a dropdown list of clients.

Likewise, only active contacts will be listed by default when listing the contacts in the CRM.

Our users might also like the new and refreshed view of Send SMS feature:

Some improvements were also implemented on the editable data grid (available for Elite users)

When entering the editable data grid on the list of candidates at a particular stage in the job, you can now switch to the list of candidates at a different stage without leaving the editable datagrid view:

Stage transitions in this view are much easier now, as you can bulk change stages from the editable data grid view!

Reporting readiness to work on more improvements 😊