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Introducing Dynamic Linking: A new and improved version of Auto-Linking!

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Shared by Maya • August 08, 2023

Hi Friend,

Up until now, Creators had to spend a lot of editing time manually linking between all screens and their elements to make demos responsive and feel like the real product.

Say no more!

Now, all screens and elements you capture will be automatically linked to each other right after you finish capturing them. It will also work on any screens you add or remove from your existing templates. That way, you can easily maintain your already used templates and demos.

To give you full control over the links in your templates, that’s where Dynamic Linking comes into play! You can easily change the settings and switch between 3 modes:

  • All links identified on the screen (default).
  • Link only what you clicked on.
  • No auto-links at all, and rely only on manual links.

How to use it:

1. Start capturing your product’s screens using the extension on “Continuous Capture” mode or “Single Capture”.

2. Go back to the Editor and you’ll see that by default, all identified links are automatically linked.

3. If you’d like to change the logic of how the links are applied, go to your template’s settings and choose from automatically linking, only clicked-path links, or no automated links at all, and save the changes.

FYI - For Dynamic Linking, there is a 250 link limit. However, once this limit is surpassed, manual links can still be added.

To learn more, check out this Walnut demo and article.