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Gain total control over who can access your demos!

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Shared by Maya • September 10, 2023

Hi Friend,

Introducing our new “Demo Permissions” feature that allows you to control who can access, view, or customize your demo link, regardless of the demo template permissions.

Until now, permission to access and change a demo’s settings was automatically granted based on the template’s permissions. This cluttered the Demo Library because every link generated from a template was visible to the whole team, regardless of the relevance.

Now, you’ll be able to keep your demos private or make them public to everyone on the team.

How does the new feature benefit you?

  • Declutter the demo library to help your team focus on only what's relevant for them.
  • Keep Demo Insights accurate by controlling who uses the demo and for what.


From now on, any new demo link that’s generated from a template will be private by default and access to it needs to be proactively given.

In addition, the permissions for the existing demos that your team is already using will remain the same.

To learn more about this feature, check out this Walnut demo or read the article.