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Beta: Elevate your sales strategy with enhanced demo intelligence!

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Shared by Michael • December 12, 2023

Hi Friend,

Gain invaluable insights into buyer intent and stay in the loop on all prospect interactions through interactive demos at every stage of your deal.

Now, you can easily track, comprehend, and enhance each deal by accessing a consolidated view of prospect engagement, representative activities, and buyer-company interactions.

Deal Intel presents a comprehensive dashboard showcasing key details about the progress of all active deals. By seamlessly integrating data from Salesforce and combining it with demo information collected by Walnut, Deal Intel offers a unified platform to manage, understand, and elevate your sales.

How does it benefit you?

  • Optimize your GTM strategy
  • Streamline your sales process as a team
  • Unveil the intent of buying committees
  • Track demo engagement by opportunity
  • Get insights into each deal

FYI: This feature is currently in beta. To join the beta, register now!

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