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Measure & analyze engagement with demos - directly from Salesforce

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Shared by Michael • December 12, 2023

Hi Friend,

Allow your users to consume, measure, and analyze engagement from your demos straight outta Salesforce.

Until now, your ability to assess the impact of Walnut on your sales and incorporate Walnut data into your sales processes was confined to the Walnut app.

Now, you’ll have the convenience of accessing demo engagement data directly from your Salesforce accounts, opportunities, and contacts. You can effortlessly track demo usage and evaluate its impact with readily available Walnut reports in your Salesforce interface.

This streamlined approach is made possible by seamlessly integrating Walnut with Salesforce and installing our app.

P.S. Only people with Admin permissions in Walnut can enable the Salesforce integration. It’s also necessary that you have an available Salesforce user with access to the Sales Console.

What’s included:

  • More demo engagement data is pushed to Salesforce.
  • The data will be pushed to relevant Salesforce accounts, opportunities, and contacts as a custom object to allow utilization in reports.
  • Package of ready-to-use reports and dashboards.
  • Walnut app within Salesforce, with customized reports for further impact analysis.

Check out how it works in this cool Walnut demo, or learn more about it.