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Feature update

Gift Giving Like Never Before!

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Shared by Jules • November 09, 2022

Gifting on VinesOS has a whole new look and functionality. Your customers looking for gifts can now see any products you have tagged as gifts, as well as Gift Clubs, Gift Cards, and Gift baskets all in one new Gift section.

It's everything you need... just on time for the holidays. Happy Gifting!

Product update

Product Updates You're Gonna Love!

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Shared by Jules • November 04, 2022

We continue making VinesOS even better: POS enhancements, Gift member extension options, and more...


We've made several updates and enhancements to the POS.

An indicator has been added to show a green checkmark when an item has been added to the cart.

Click on the quantity field on an order to get an easy number popup to choose the quantity.

Search on the POS by customer phone number to find past orders.

The print receipt button is updated to choose what type of receipt to print - with or without the tip line. Total flexibility!

When opened on the POS, member orders for pickup now show a button "Picked Up" instead of Checkout. If an item is added to the order, it will change to Checkout in order to complete the surcharge.

Coupons on the POS can be sorted by name or date created.


A new search and filter section is added at the top of the VinesOS Inventory page.

Also, the Inventory column on the Wine page now has a link at the top for display sorting by inventory. This is for accounts that have the VinesOS inventory module.


The wine list in the dashboard has been updated to fix a bug with clearing filters.

Categories of wine now have a QR code to print and display all wines by category. Go to Products > Categories and click the QR code to print or copy it.


Search orders and on the POS by customer phone number.

The search function has been updated in Orders to include spacing in names

Club Processing

When adding wine to the club release, the update now allows you to tab or hit return to find the products rather than having to press the Search button.

Gift Members

Allow gifted members to receive club benefits such as free tastings through the next processing period. In Settings, toggle on the field "Extend Gift Membership" to offer this option.

Online Tipping

We made an update to the way online tipping displays.

Members on Orders

We've added the club name to the orders list view for an easy view of what club the member is in. Previously it only showed "Yes" for a club member.


We've had many inquiries lately about how subscriptions and clubs work together. Here's a Subscription video explainer.

Feature update

Share with Friends!

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Shared by Jules • November 04, 2022

Share with Friends: We are helping you get the word out about your events and tastings. When your customers make a reservation or consider going to an event, they can easily share it on Facebook and Twitter. These options now display on any Event or Tasting page, as well as on the Order confirmation page and the email receipt.


Introducing Club Allocations!

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Shared by Jules • October 27, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of Club Allocations 🎉.

  • Create wines that are only available for members of specific clubs.
  • Allow members to log in to customize orders and limit the number of wines they can buy.